Harry/Lucius fanfiction.

Am I Beautiful by BloodyMarry 
In the wise words of a teenager: Being a Veela sucks LxH DxB [complete

Cambiare por el migliore by Hebinekojin
Double potion Slytherin Gryffindors. Harry is paired with Neville...Draco threw something into their cauldron, and as Neville add the next ingredient, Harry is drenched into a ruined Animagus Revelae Potion... With unexpected consequences... SLASH!

Hanging By A Moment by Bittersweet Alias
AU:The life of Harry is never easy and finding a long lasting mate who won’t use him becomes very difficult. Harry's in pain but no one notices except for Lucius Malfoy and soon he finds himself falling for everything his father hates.LMHP:Slash:Complete

Harry Potter and the Foreign Magic by Desdemona Sakura [R]
Harry's sixth year is anything but calm: A fraud as DADA teacher (not that this is anything new), Voldemort on the loose, and something strange is going on with Draco and Lucius Malfoy. And then there is Voldie's new plan and a lot of strange people ... 

Love - A Business Arrangement by Desdemona Sakura [R]
Harry has defeated Voldemort for good and begins to throw out his nets to get what he really wants.

Mulligan by Elpin
Harry/Lucius slash, with slight Harry/Draco. Draco breaks up with Harry and the Boy Who Got Voldy is devastated. He has a plan to make things right again, but he ends up going a little further than planned. Because every writer needs a time-turner fic!

 Not So Speechless After All - Sequel to Speechless by Desdemona Sakura [R]
After running from the wedding Harry must decide how to go on with life. He's harassed by the press and his fans and doesn’t really know how to fix the mess he left behind. Fortunately he's not alone in this ...

Of Love's Bestowing by Arigazi
Slash. Summary inside. AU. HPLM. A certain blonde veela discovers his lifemate in the middle of a final battle just as Voldemort moves in on him. From the battlefield to Malfoy Manor, these mates are in for one hell of a rocky ride.

Speechless by Desdemona Sakura [R]
Harry and Draco are considering marriage. Therefore, it's most unfortunate that the future father-in-law tries to interfere.

Winter and Ice by Dinkel
It looked like Dumbledore's newest plot to interfere in Harry's life and to supposedly make him happy, but as it turned out landing back in time and falling in love was merely Fate's idea of a good joke. LMHP, DMHP, eventually LMHPDM! Read the warnings!

Recently Added Stories

The Running Man by Sestra
Harry is desperate to escape the clinging attentions of his friends and branch out on his own. He applies for, and gets, the job of Defence Instructor at Dumstrang Institute. Here he meets new challenges, makes new friends, and falls in love.

As Sharp As Sunlight by Amanuensis
A squicky fate awaits our heroes after their defeat. Can anything be salvaged? Author's notes: This fic is part of the "Beloved Enemies" Harry/Lucius Fuh-Q-Fest Second Wave. Somehow Sirius Black decided he wanted to tell this story and I had to let him.