Harry potter and Severus Snape fanfiction.
 A Boy Named 'Harry' by Hey Darlin
Harry is abused by the Dursleys beaten, and in later chapters raped. Someone needs to show him how special he is. What will Harry do when he finds out that Severus Snape his most hated teacher is the only one who can help him.SLASH SS HP
Complete. Harry is in his seventh year at Hogwarts, PostVoldemort, Harry meets someone at night and people want to know who. HPSS, MPREG. In process of being rewritten
COMPLETE Snape finds him as he promised he would. He brings he back as he promised he would. But can he fulfil all of the promises he gave? HPSS
 A Stitch in Time by ignorant-loquacity
A SeverusHarry romance set mainly in the last weeks of Harry's seventh year. Harry and Snape are accidentally catapulted into the future, where they see something that neither would have predicted, or wanted to! The story follows the consequences.. Slash.
A Summer Inheritance by Heather68
Harry thought his life would go back to normal once Voldemort was defeated, but on his 17th birthday he discovers a secret that will change his future.
An Acceptable Weakness by DreadingNought
Voldemort shows up and things get complicated, especially when Harry gets taken to safety by Snape. Story goes from Year Six to Post-Year Seven. HPSS

Baby Think It Over by Forever then some
HPSS .sss Slash sss. Were you ever subjected to that ghastly electronic baby in high school? Well, at Hogwarts they do it a little differently, and when Harry’s ‘baby’ takes a liking to Severus, things take a turn for the absurd. Not DH compliant.
 Blood Gifted by Shikatanai
Harry and Sev will do anything to be together, even defy the Dark Lord. A scheme boosts Severus in the ranks of the DEs and allows the two to continue their relationship beneath the scrutiny of the Wizarding World. Includes gypsies, bards, slash, HPSS.
Harry Potter has never been entranced by music before now, but he is willing to do anything to learn how to play the same melody, even if it means learning from Severus Snape.
Harry Potter has been missing since he was eight. Now, seven years later, Severus Snape has a one night stand that just doesn’t seem to end. How long will they be able to keep their secrets? HPSS
Confusion by miss-cold
A potions accident leaves Harry in a dangerous position pretending to be someone he isn't & Severus is caught in visions he can't control on his way to summer with the Dursley's. Our 2 fav plot lines:potions accident & summer with the Dursleys. SSHP & HGD
Content at Last by lillyseyes
Snape is discovered as a spy and Harry is captured as a result Voldemort is very happy to have them as his guests... SLASH HPSS psuedononcon, forced bonding, Mpreg
Critical Choices by lillyseyes
Dumbledore always told us that we are defined by our choices, in the aftermath of the night in the Tower, Harry must make some very difficult choices SPOILERS: follows HBP and will unltimately be slash HPSS HGRW COMPLETE!
A car accident lands Harry in a muggle hospital paralyzed from the waist down. Severus is given the task of rehabilitating Harry. What happens when they learn to get along? SSHP Slash

Danger In The Healing by Heather68
What if Harry found out that Dumbeldore was dying, and what Snape's role was in it all? What if Harry then had to depend on the person he hated most in the world to honor Dumbledore's dying wishes?
Death Eater Takes a Holiday
Summary: Albus spells a few Order members back to their seventh year age, and sends them to spend time at Hogwarts for a holiday. The Headmaster's intent is for them to learn that Harry is indeed mature for his age, so that he will be accepted as a full member. What will happen when Severus returns from his time as a teen, to find he has spent the better part of the week entwined with a certain Gryffindor? And, how do their lives change afterwards? 
Devil's Snare by Korogi-chan
What happens when Harry is a darker creature than the Dark Lord he's supposed to destroy? HPSSCH14 6.26.07 Adalyr gives Harry his memories and Harry battles with himself over his fear of Avenairu
Harry meets two new friends and is told one of their biggest secrets. Who is their father and what does this mean for HarrySlash
Summary: It's Harry's Seventh Year at Hogwarts and the new strategy in the war against Voldemort is "Fight darkness with darkness." Harry goes through a series of changes that has him questioning everything he thought he ever knew about magic, darkness, destiny ... and a certain snarky Potions professor. (Creature!Fic)
 Facing Things Alone by Baroness Jumping Rain; Sidda
Harry is forced to go to the Order Headquarters, but Harry doesn't want to be near any of his friends, what happends when some unexpected people show up at the Grimmuald Place? HPSS maybe.. its your choice
Fine Lines by Shadowphoenix
When Lucius Malfoy seeks to become the next Dark Lord, Severus Snape finds himself the unwilling protector of Harry Potter, who has no memory of the wizarding world. (Slash SS/HP) *complete*
Harry Potter has been missing since childhood, Voldemort is on the rise again, a young Tom Riddle was resurrected when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and a child died, the prophecy says that only The Chosen One can defeat him, but where is he?......
Ghost of a Memory by Phoenix Boy
HPSS. After killing Voldemort, Harry leaves the wizarding world for a few years before joining the university under a different name. Now he returns to teach at Hogwarts. COMPLETE!
AU. Harry Potter has defeated Voldemort once and for all at the end of his seventh year. However, the Minister convinced the wizarding public that Harry is far too dangerous to be allowed to roam free in society. Betrayed by his family and friends, and sent away to Azkaban for life, Harry is rescued by an unlikely person and flees to the unused cabin of his rescuer, having no other contact with the wizarding world. When signs of Death Eater activity reappear, and the Minister is murdered, the hunt for Harry Potter begins. Will he ever forgive them in time to save the wizarding world that he once loved? And who, exactly, are the Guardians? 
COMPLETE Sequel to No more than he deserves Harry and Severus have left the wizarding world behind and are trying to live the life they've always wanted but will the wizarding world allow them that chance. Fudge being blackmailed and Hermione as Slytherine.
Eight years after the final battle, a reluctant, and slightly reclusive Harry comes back to teach at Hogwarts. SSHP Slash. Finished.
Harry's forced to stay at Hogwarts during the summer. Severus' life's endangered and then saved... How is Harry involved? HPSS slash (note: originally posted under a different penname. Allow me to stress I am the same person)
I'm Already Gone by redfox13
Harry is the little brother of James Potter, a Gryffindor through and through. Things start to go wrong when he’s sorted into Slytherin. To make matters worse, he’s starting to fall for Snape... Challenge by Reddwarfer, AU.
In one breath by Wivern
After years of selfimposed exile, Severus Snape is confronted with everything and the one person he had never wanted to see again. SNARRY, SLASH and HPB spoilers.
A strange boy enters Harry's life at a most inopportune time. His efforts must focus fully on destroying the Horcruxes but this child plus one Draco Malfoy make it difficult. Will they unexpectedly prove to be more blessing than curse?Full summary inside
COMPLETE! AU. SSHP. The Spy who became an Artist. The Child who needed a home. The Recluse who became a Teacher and the Boy who saved the world. Sometimes, age is just a number and love can never be wrong.
Life, Love, and Everything in Between by Sweet Mercy
Severus Snape walks in on a certain boy wizard in the bathroom and realises just how much he wants to be with him. He sets out to prove his feelings wrong but ends up falling deeper in love. SLASH, MPREG, SSHP

Harry comes into his sexuality & discovers he wants Snape. Intense occlumency lessons pull these 2 together, but is Snape too troubled or too dark to return HP's affections? DE meetings & Dumbledore stir the already boiling pot, HPSS Slash, Angst COMPLETE
 Life Out of Balance by chekiita
Snape’s got two young sons, and as luck would have it, one of his sons adores Harry Potter, the person he hates the most in the entire world. SLASH HPSS
 To avoid the machinations of the Ministry, Harry must marry a reluctant Severus Snape. But marriage to Snape is only the beginning of Harry's problems. Voldemort has returned, and before too long Harry's marriage may determine the world's fate.
May There be Gods and Dragons by Black Sheep
SSHP Harry has a problem and the person to help him is Tom Riddle. But that problem might cause a failure of the Dark Lord’s plan and neither he nor Draco will be pleased about it.
Meeting the Family by Bleudiablo
Harry goes to see Dursley and comes away with a brand new bouncing baby boy. Twist to all the normal ones. MPEG and Severus, Harry friendship, implied HPDM in the past. Chapter 21 Rosalyn
Mine by tas
*COMPLETE* Harry comes into a long forgotten inheritance on his seventeenth birthday. He is no longer human, but a creature that is quite rare and beautiful.....a creature that is strong, powerful, and sexual in nature....a Vanteera.
My Mate by DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan
Severus Snape finds out that Harry Potter is his mate, Sev is a vampire and has not been in the Uk for years. Watch as Severus gains the trust of Harry! smart Harry! clever Harry! and resort! Slytherin Harry! manip dumbledore. tnx carla for editing this
No More Than He Deserves by Mione5
COMPLETE Voldemort is gone, finally, and Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new DADA teacher. As he struggles to recover from his injuries he receives help from an old friend. Will be very mild slash. HPSS
Pledges by Amireal
**COMPLETE** Screwed up spells, attacks on hogwarts, Potions Masters who dearly wish he had actual control over his life. SLASH HP/SS
Set after just OotP. When both their lives are in greater than usual danger, Harry and Snape must live together in a secret location all summer for their own safety. How will they survive it? Simple—they’ll just have to get to know each other. SSHP
((COMPLETED)) Harry Potter is charged for a crime that he didnt commit, betrayed and forgotten my those he holds dear. HPSS
HPSS Slash MPREG Harry and Snape return to Hogwarts after Voldemort's defeat. Harry is happly bonded to Snape but will Hermione and Ron try to stand in the way of their new life? !yes! Is the war really over? !no!
Harry is being abused by his realitives and Snape comes to the rescue. Its slash so be warned HPSS. A little it of a crossover, LotR.
MPREG Harry thinks that Sev never wanted children, how far is this true, will Sev ever stop running away from his family can Harry stop him or is their love not yet strong enough Whats this about Voldie? Dedicated to thempregspirit COMPLETE
The Master's Servant by Black Dreamz
An AU. Nonmagic... When baby Harry is floated away in the river, guess whose servant he becomes? The answer Severus Snape. Slash, Yaoi, MaleonMale
 The Man who was the Boy by Bleudiablo
FINISHED 15 years after the final battle left Harry Potter Deaf, mute and presumed dead by the wizarding world, his daughter gets her acceptance letter to Hogwarts. This is 3rd person Harry POV Snarry relationship with implied HPOFC and SSLM
The Mirror Of Etamluos by Oriana Dumbledore
A Mirror that shows Soulmates is made, Dumbledore decides Harry must use it. But what happens when he looks in the mirror and sees Severus Snape? **A Response to QueenStrata's Challenge #3**
{Complete} Harry is aged by 10 years and it's up to the snarky Potions Master to find the cure, but they end up finding each other HPxSS slash.
The Youngest Resident of Hogwarts by alliekatgal
Harry's muggle girlfriend wants to put their baby up for adoption. Instead, Harry brings the baby back to Hogwarts, and finds Snape to be unexpectedly helpful. Warning: will be HPSS pairing, slash ahead. Completed.
Voldemort is dead. Harry is ready to leave the Wizarding World when an accident brings Snape and him together. A pregnant Draco and a smitten Blaise complete the picture. Some heavy snogging so mature just incase. HPSS, DMBZ Mention of rape in CH.10

 Time, Truth, and Sacrifice by Alia D
A serial killer runs through part of the wizarding world, but with Harry Potter on the job, things will go fine…right? SLASH, MPREG more warnings inside
To Have and Hold by Lady Shadow
There used to be a tradition at Hogwarts in which the Sorting Hat didn't just choose houses...
To love a master...a potions master. This is just an interesting little story that will end in tragedy about our young Harry Potter falling in love. Harry/Severus *COMPLETE*
Too Much, Too Soon by HippoPods
Harry gets drunk and sleeps with the man he has lusted after for 2 years, at the graduation ball. What will be the consequences? And what does it have to do with Sirius and Remus? HPB didn’t happen and Sirius never perished! SLASH, HPSS, SBRL, MPREG, OOC.
Unexpected Heritage by ramapothe8r
The summer before his 7th Year, Harry learns something unexpected about himself, and about someone he thought he hated. Two lives become dependent on each other. SS/HP SLASH!! Also AU. Please R&R
Union of Doom by Steppenwoelfin
Set after Harry's 7th year, omits HPB and DH. Harry and Severus are forced to marry each other in order to defy Voldemort. Times become even darker for the two wizards...but is there still hope in spite of all? Chapter 33 posted!
Far far away, in an alternate universe, hermaphrodite Harry gets into trouble. That's not just ordinary trhouble, but "trouble". slash SS/HP mpreg
Unwanted or Improper by ImmortalFlick
Slash. SSHP. Snape believes some things are just immoral. Yes, Snape has morals.
[Complete HPxSS] AU. The Make A Wish Foundation grants wishes for terminally ill children. The day of Harry's 18th birthday, he gets a wish of a lifetime granted to meet his idol, his inspiration the musical prodigy, Severus Snape.
Before his 40th Bday, Snape must acquire a potential spouse before the Ministry arranges one. Of all the people, he chooses Harry. Everyone seems to think it’s a great idea, except Harry. Can Snape woo Harry’s love before it’s too late? SSHP Slash
You could by WittchWay
HPSS An old wizard tradition, class cloaks similar to class rings, calls for the bonding of HarrySnape. Only Harry refuses to complete the bond at the price of his friends lives.
Harry is 22 and a single parent to a little boy. He goes on his first date since his son was born and bumps into someone he hasn’t seen since Hogwarts. SLASH, HPSS, MPREG, OOC.
Recently Added stories
One Stupid Person by quixotic-hope
Having lost his value as a spy for the light, Severus must now take a deaging potion and befriend the dratted BoyWhoLived. But what happens when he starts falling in love? HPSS