Harry potter and Draco malfoy fanfiction.
Draco Malfoy, pureblood and Slytherin prince, suffers the unthinkable when he is attacked and bitten by Remus Lupin. How is he supposed to live any kind of life afterwards, especially when Potter continues to stick his unwanted nose into things?
It's Seventh Year. Draco has a prophecy of his own to fulfill. Marrying Harry Potter. Mpreg. Don't like don't read! Revised copy is up now! Complete
Summary: Trelawney makes a prediction that leads to a very unusual, hectic year for Harry Potter. As if battling the infamous Dark Lord, trying to pass finals, and dealing with teenage hormones wasn't enough, now he has to deal with a blood lusting professor, unusual nightmares, and a spell gone wrong.
COMPLETE: AU: Harry learns during his seventh year that his life can change forever in a single moment in time. SLASH and MPREG HarryDraco
On the eve of his sixteenth birthday, Narcissa tells Draco something that will change his life. He's a Veela. Fate really can be a bitch sometimes. HPDM Slash. Features Veela!Draco and Mate!Harry.
After All by PissedOffEskimo
Dumbledore decides that he’s had enough of the Dursley’s abuse and brings Harry to Hogwarts at age eight HPDM main pairing, HPLM noncon, HPSS implied. Beware the cute.
All Torn Down by Obake
Draco's world has been turned upside down, and he is left searching for a ray of light.  Words: 136,864
Deep in Harry’s mind an animalist instinct is about to surface, one that in boy who lived can’t even control, something primal. Shall Harry find a way to quench it in the arms of his rival? HP DM slash. (warning, male-male)
As A Bat by pottermalfoy24
AU! When Voldemort tried to kill Harry as a child his aim was off. Now how will history be changed by a blind Harry Potter? Will be HD eventually. Rating will go up.
Call Me Mr Potter! » by pokari
Harry is a mediwizard especially for children and he is now working as a nanny for Draco’s twins.

Captivation by Angelic Candy
After the war,Harry attends a Quidditch Academy.He thinks his problems are over until he discovers Draco there.The animosity between them flares again.As their rivalry heats up,Harry realizes their relationship is morphing into something unexpected.H&D

Chimera Luck by kalisin 
To Harry, this year was just turning out as strange as the last. Unfortuntely, he didn't realize how strange until he fainted in Potions class. creature fic HPDM Slash Completed

Come back to bed by Jamee43 Rated: NC-17
Summary: Harry gets a letter from his parents stating that he is a Hermoso and that he will soon come into his full powers, wings and all. He also finds out that he has some veela powers as well. Now, how do the Malfoy's fit in to all of this?

Darien and Harry Potter by CatWriter
What if the prophesy of the savior came three years before Harry was born. what if everyone thought the savior was Harry's older brother Darien? Darien has a good heart, not a brat. Child abuse and violence, some slash later on HPDM, DPFW update Jan 07

Dearest Harry Eileen's Story by quillumos
Snape is on the run, persued by everyone, hated by all. All that is except his mother and one day she calls her son to her house because she has something to tell him, a secret she has never shared. Until now..... This story is a Severus mentor story

Decreso Aetas by Haunted Emerald Depths
COMPLETE. An accident occurs in Charms that leaves Draco looking after a...slightly different Harry. How will they live through it, and how do others take the change? What will happen when Draco begins thinking of Harry differently? Spoilers. DMHP SLASH.

Don’t Leave Me Like This by grey satin cloak
SLASHchap19up. Veela Draco, Mate Harry.Can the boys come to terms with their new roles. Will Lucius Malfoy ever come along? Who has been blasted from the Black tapestry who is back. With school in session are Harry and Draco really safe? read and review.

Double Edged Sword by romaine Rated: NC-17
Step into the Magical life story—love story of Harry and Draco. This epic-journey is filled with adventure, angst, drama, tragedy, humour, and most of all—love. The story begins where book 6 leaves us readers, stranded at the monument of Albus Dumbledore. At that moment, Harry thinks his life is planned out; if it’s short he dies, if it’s long he gets the girl. However, visitors come to see him the night he ‘Comes of Age’ and he has a decision to make. His choice changes the course of his life and those around him forever. The story adheres to canon as much as possible. The beginning has a lot of het H/G. It will change, for this is Harry and Draco’s story.

Draco's Boy by empathic siren 
No longer a repost. HPDM. Nonmagic AU. A mysterious little boy named Harry moves in next door to Draco Malfoy, and he's determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. Years later, he's determined to make Harry more than a friend.  Words: 175,949

Dragon Flame by Elensaa
AU. On the night of his sixteenth birthday, Harry recieves a letter. After finding his heritage, Harry returns to Hogwarts for a year of Slytherins, wild powers and lessons. Can he learn from those he once called enemies, and can he fall in love? HD SLASH

Gypsy Caravan
5 year old Harry Potter overhears his Aunt complaining to his Uncle about the "freaks" camping nearby. Maybe if they are the same type of "freak" he is they will want him? Disclaimer: The world of Harry Potter, its characters and settings are the copyrighted works of J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., her publishing companies and affiliates. No profit was made from the writing of this story. Beta the lovely Rakina

Family by Danu3
Sequel to Harry's Baby Boy, this is about Harry's budding family. He and Draco are married now, and they adopt children, and lucky us! We get to watch them grow! Rated for a little bit of language in come chapters only.
Family Means More Than Blood by WingsOfADream
A prophecy made in 1975 drastically changes the life of the boy who should have been known as Harry Potter. DMHP main couple, onesided LVHP also includes adoptivefather!Snape :D  Words: 402,205

Feeling This by PaddycakePadfoot On a cold rainy night, Draco Malfoy opens his door to a wounded traveler. Will he open his heart as well? Or is betrayal what attracts him most...HD

The Foundation
Harry has defeated Lord Voldemort and the war against the Death Eaters has ended, yet a different kind of war now rages within both Draco and Harry. Harry finds himself battling his inner demons while Draco still contends with the prejudices of Wizarding society. After Draco stumbles on Harry’s most precious secret, both begin a journey that will lead them to discover the secrets that lie within the deep, hidden recesses of their very souls.

Greater Inheritance by EverWinter
Formerly By Evil Story Penguins. RePost. Harry discovers his heritage. He's Rich, Powerful, and now a Slytherin. HD Slash!

Growing Pains » by SensiblyTainted 
The summer after Sirius' death: the abuse at the Dursley's leaves him broken. Snape is asked to try and help, and discovers that the key to saving Harry may be Draco, who has returned after his own difficult summer. [HD Slash]

Harry's Baby Boy by Danu3
Harry leaves the Dursleys this year with a two year old in tow. Can one seventeen year old handle an energetic toddler? What if said seventeen year old carried the world on his shoulders? Will be HPDM in later chapters. COMPLETE!

Harry Potter and the Prince of Nightmares by Ethidda
Draco Malfoy must take a mate in order to ascend to the throne as the Prince of Nightmares. The only choices he has, though, are Voldemort, Dumbledore, and Harry Potter, which really isn't a choice at all. HPDM slash.

Harry's Secret by lily-james-potter2004
Harry's changed and everyone's noticed. But what is underneath it all? What happened over the summer? What is Harry's Secret? A little more detailed summary inside. HD story! Yes, this is Slash! Don't like, don't read!

Hybrid Destiny by ame3565
Harry comes into a magical creature inheritance on his seventeenth birthday, changing his life forever. Slash, mpreg. DracoHarry

Hybrid Legacy by ame3565
Four years after he defeated Voldemort, Harry starts receiving letters from old enemies. Now he must try to keep his family safe while apprehending the villains.Sequel to hybrid destiny.

Indago by LdDurham [ Words 119103 ] [ Completed ]
*Complete* A missed potion reveals a secret about Draco and Snape and Harry finds out his own place in their sexually charged and animalistic hold. Will he be able to adjust to this final battle for a peaceful life? mpreg
Indago:Reborn By LdDurham[ Words 106887 ] [ Completed ]
*complete* Sequel to "Indago". Harry and Draco are older and wiser... but still vulnerable. Slash, D/s, violence, mpreg, Mental torture, Implied Non-Con
Indago:3 By LdDurham[ Words 90676 ] [ Completed ]
Sequel to "Indago" and "Indago:Reborn". Time is a cyclical thing. Running from danger and fear does not make it go away, and it may make a new target of those close to you. DM/HP, DM/HP/SS, explicit sex, Original Characters, femslash

Lifeblood by IssaLee
Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter were never meant to be mated, just like Harry was never meant to turn evil and Ron was never meant to be duped by a succubus but some things just aren't meant.

Draco Malfoy is a part Veela, and has recently come into what is known as his Inheritance. On discovering that Harry Potter is his mate, he must try to seduce the Gryffindor hero. Will Harry fight against the bond forced upon him, or will he weaken under

Not Your Usual Veela Mate » by Janara
Draco is a Veela and guess who his mate is? I've tried to write a Veela story where the two don't jump into bed immediately, hence the title. Will contain Dumbledore bashing. HPDM LMSS AU from book 5  

Pretty Little Secrets by sparkley-tangerine
Veela!Harry fic with HarryDraco slash. Rating will go up in future chappies. Lily Potter wasn't what everyone thought she was. Becoming an Elemental Veela just might give Harry the power to defeat Voldemort forever and possibly fall in love in the process

Punishment or a Gift by Darkpoetress13
*COMPLETE* The Gryffindors party at the end of their fifth year... Harry and Draco have some drunken fun... but next year there is a change in Draco...and Harry finds himself in love with the Slytherin.. *warning* mpreg

Resolution by Frances Potter
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STORY IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. Although I am currently working on the next chapter, I don't know when this will be ready for posting. HarryDraco slash. When you've spent six years fighting evil, all you really want is a quiet time.

Saving Connor by Lightning on the Wave
AU, eventual HPDM slash, very Slytherin!Harry. Harry's twin Connor is the Boy Who Lived, and Harry is devoted to protecting him by making himself look ordinary. But certain people won't let Harry stay in the shadows... COMPLETE    Words: 79,220

Second Look by Elpin
Draco thinks he's found the perfect prank, but he's caught and his punishment is to take care of a fiveyearold Harry. His views on the Boy Who Lived, along with the GoldenTrio changes, but what happens when Harry returns? Will he change loyalties? SLASH

Smells Like A Teen Spirit by raven00
Draco’s a rare blood half veela, half elf. And Harry’s his mate. Now all Draco has to do is seduce Harry. Right? Well… It’s not that simple after all, as Draco soon finds out. disclaimer: title from nirvana

Speak to me by moonlit-shadow0x
Complete! Harry Potter had defeated Voldemort. But his victory had major consequences. One being the fact that Harry has totally shut himself away from any contact with anyone. No one can help. No one, that is, except a certain Slytherin enemy. Slash HPDM

System Discordia by Eris Mackenzie
After a failed Death Eater rebellion headed by his father, Draco Malfoy is taken hostage and eventually found by Aurors. How will the rest of the wizarding world react to the fact that the Prince of Slytherin has a wish for the light? [PostHBPSlash]
Time Is Irrelevant by Lunadeath
Harry goes against Dumbledore's warning and uses a Time Turner to try saving his parents. It turns out more different than he thought. This is Slash.Words: 133,272
The Elfin Prince by Sliver Seraph
Harry has just turned 17, he thinks that this is homefree, the best day of his life, he wasnt planning on a prophecy, being named The Elfin Prince AND HAVING to bond to Draco Malfoy!let the nightmares begin [ON HOLD]
REPOST! Draco returns to school in his seventh year to find that his life is more complicated with his father keeping family secrets that will change his and Harry's life forever. DH slash. MagicalCreature!Draco
Unite or Crumble by Lunadeath
The Order decided to take the Sorting Hat's warning to heart- 'We must unite inside her, or we'll crumble from within.' Slash. -Editting and revamping of fic going on  Words: 90,432
The Unicorn Prince by Starflower-Gem
Harry has come into his inheritance and it was nothing like anyone expected. How will he cope with his new powers...and horn...especially with a curious Slytherin sniffing around. chapter 12 reposted, sorry for inconveniance DMHP
Unlikely Beginnings by ChristineP
A spur of the moment liaison leaves both parties with more than they bargained for, while hairy armpits, dirty secrets and the blatantly obvious help to blossom humble beginnings into a relationship to remember. DMHP, RWHG Mpreg, Slash, Noncon/Rape, AU  Words: 244,447
The Veela Allurement by Illucia
DMHP During the summer, before their last year in school starts, Draco Malfoy´s Veela heritage is awoken. He´s searching his mate and that leads him to the most unsuspected target. A hard and difficult one too.
Trading Spaces by SnippyandSnarky
WE'RE BACK! New, next to last chapter. HPDM, HGSS Four enemies. Two Houses. And a couple of snakes. No decorating, but more fun than anyone ever had in just 48 hours with a budget. Read the inside summ
Young Harry Potter was always different. He preferred reading over playing with other children. He had a strange talent for communicating with animals…and he always felt a strong pull towards one, Draco Malfoy. The problem? Draco is betrothed to someone
The old pureblood families of the wizard world up hold many traditions and one of them is the engagement season where the families with veela ascendence can match their young. Nothing that Harry should worry about, right? Wrong Slash
Welcome to the Real World by IamtheLizardQueen
A Harry/Draco romance, set post-Hogwart's in muggle London. Includes red mittens, linoleum, witty retorts, angst, love, dance clubs, strange friends, cooking shows, and coffee (not necessarily in that order)! Chapt.14: And that's all she wrote!
WIP - Harry knows Draco's bad news. Draco knows Harry's too much of a goodie-goodie. What happens when they start to care? TWENTY-SEVEN IS UP! WOO!! New Author's Notes... Again! For updates on my writing & responses to reviews, take a peek. *kisses*
When Draco's Veela blood is awakened and it seems Harry is his mate, things look grim! But then he discovers a secret about Harry that could just be the answer he needs! DMHP
Wind Rider » by SuishouTenshi
PreHBP. Harry's heart stops beating before the night of his 16th birthday, but he wakes up 25 days later with a new addition. Draco is being tickled into insanity by a blazing desire, and who but Harry can save him? SLASH. DMHP
Added Stories not in order
Love and Betrayal » by feanor
What happens when Harry accidentally finds out what Dumbledore is planing for Harry to sacrifice in his life next. Harry draws his line in the sand. This far and no further! Harry versus Dumbledore! Features Veela Draco, implied slash.

To Posses the Light » by DeMoNtAiNtEd
Read Profile! HD Blood, angst, gore, sexual tension... and Draco Malfoy being a downright slutty bastard. What more could you want?

Silver and Cold » by B Madden
WIP Slash DMHP Draco is partVeela and forces the bond on Harry? What will the Veela community have to say about it?

Descent » by Lstern
Draco is a Veela. He wants Harry Potter, but Harry won't have him. Can Snape protect his least favorite student from a vengeful Draco?

Recently Added Stories

Our Little One by Hopeakaarme
COMPLETE. Remus and Lucius have adopted a 15-year-old girl, Olivia, who can't do magic. Not everyone likes the fact that the Malfoys are having a happy family - and somebody decides to change it. SLASH RLLM, SSSB, HPDM

 The Potterboy Problem by Roslyn Drycof
Voldemort has a new plan to get rid of the "Potter-boy Problem". A reluctant Draco Malfoy is ordered to carry it out, but things don't go as planned. He isn't as obedient as the Dark Lord would like and loses control at a crucial time. Whoops! HD, mpreg