Harry/Voldemort Fanfiction stories.

Broken Angel » Maizeysugah
Final Chapter 22 on page 23. COMPLETE! Harry gives himself to Voldemort, and The Dark Lord makes a deal with Draco over it
 [AT] Chasing Harry by Passo
Voldemort is dead. But Tom Riddle is alive... sixteen, alone, and in Hogwarts. Now it's up to Harry to befriend his former enemy. Will they find friendship or something else? *Slash!* Words:59,100

Choosing Loyalties by ntamara [NC-17]
Ten minutes before Hagrid arrives to tell Harry of his wizarding parentage and destiny, Harry is kidnapped by a Voldemort controlled Quirrell while Peter Pettigrew casts a doppelganger spell and takes Harry's place. SS/LV HP/SS HP/LV AD/SS

Control Issues by ShivaniBlue/grazhir [NC-17]
Sick, twisted, perverse—that would be Severus Snape. And yet, his blindly obedient little soldier boy ran away, and to guess who? Features abused!Harry, creature!Harry, sadistic!Harry.
Delusions of Grandeur by daninekintscher [NC-17]
Very dark. Albus Dumbledore has been molesting Hogwarts boys for decades, but his undoing begins when he chooses Harry Potter, unleashing a chain of events that could be the undoing of the Light side. HP/DM, HP/LV.
Fallen by yih [R]
HP/LV, HP/LM, HP/SS. Taken as a child, Harry grows up knowing Nagini as his caretaker and Voldemort as a person that he'd like nothing more than to impress.
Family Trait
Summary: Harry is alone at Privet Drive, doing practically nothing until Voldemort pops up in his head. Being lonely, and Voldemort insisting in not leaving, they talk. Harry finds out a few facts he didn’t know, leaving him both confused and crying, and excited. What will the Gryffindor Golden Boy do when he’s coming to stay at Riddle Manor for the summer, and learn exactly how far Dumbledore’s manipulations go? Some SPOILERS for HBP and DH, but happens directly after OOTP! HP/DM and HP/LV-HP/TR
Featherlight Taction » by ssjrice
The sensation of touch is one that is taken for granted, but for those who are trapped in a harsh war, the act of taction is can result in the revelation of one’s own true face. Quite literally. HarryVoldemort. SLASH. NOT OOC. HBP compliant.
Good Intentions » by SheWolfe7
LVHP, LMHP, LVHPLM. SLASH AU! Dark!Harry. Betrayed by the Wizarding World after defeating Voldemort, Harry makes a wish and wakes to find himself in an Alternate Universe during Voldemort's first rise to power. They say the road to Hell is paved with good
 Irreversible Destiny » by SheWolfe7
AU. HPLV. Dark!Harry. Severitus. Can someone's destiny really be set in stone? It's time for change, time for revolution and time for truths to be revealed. Freedom comes in many forms and Cyriacus Snape is about to usher in a new unexpected future.
Liberate Me » by SerpentsAttire
[HPLV slash]AU summer before OotP. When Severus finds Harry Potter on his bedroom floor, beaten and not breathing, Dumbledore's secrets begin to unfold. Mutiny is apparent, and the lines of light and dark are now forever blurred. Severitus. DarkVamp!Harry
Losing Touch » by A.O.T.I.F.
When Voldemort decides to visit Grimmauld Place, Harry willingly decides to accompany him. The summary is pointless so just read the story. LVxHP complete
My Lord Potter » by SerpentsAttire
[HPLV slash] AU Fifth year. Dark Trio. Dumbledore should have realized he could not keep the Golden Trio under his thumb forever. There are secrets about Harry Potter that not even he knows, and some are much bigger than others.
Paraselenic » by EmpyrealFantasy
[HPTR ≈ HPLV] With maturity comes understanding, and Harry understands just fine. After ten years in training, Harry returns to the moment he left…with a whole new plan for himself. «The Light will never know what hit it» Vampire!Harry Dark!Harry
Possession by Jade Tatsu
HPLV The Dark Lord has always known what belongs to him but claiming possession might take longer than he thought and lead to betrayal but with the power such as he wields who dares? FINISHED
Red Sun Rising » by Evandar
AU. Raised in the Darkest part of London, Harry Potter is a Potions Master and far from an icon for the Light. The Order can't prepare for this. HPLV SLASH
Rewritten and Complete The Dark Lord and Harry Potter have been banished to a place where they must live together until they‘re rescued if they‘re ever rescued without magic.
Complete - Words: 28,300 -
After fools have meddled with time and unintentionally created a more powerful and immortal Dark Lord than the Wizarding World already knew, Lord Voldemort gives himself a gift in his past, a little brother named Harry Potter. TMRHP
What if Voldemort has found another way to get what he wants? What if he wants something else now? He proposes a contract to insure peace between the Light and the Dark and of course it involves Harry... HPTR or HPLV slash...
Recently Added Stories (January 23,2008)
 The Black Heir » by FirePhoenix8
AU. Harry escapes from the Dursleys when he's ten years old and is found by the escaped Sirius Black. They will discover they are father and son. Durmstrang,Dark Arts,dueling,powers,heritage,horcruxes,hallows,Tom,Voldemort. Darkish!Harry HPLV Slash
Chasing Harry » by Passo
{FINISHED!} Voldemort is dead. But Tom Riddle is alive... sixteen, alone, and in Hogwarts. Now it's up to Harry to befriend his former enemy. Will they find friendship or something else? Slash
 Something Lost, Something Found » by lunakatrina
Is now HPLV slash,This is Harry's story of his ultimate betrayal to the light and the loss of all his friends, but the finding of something more sacred and possibly as holy as power. Vampire!Harry.
The Last Vanteera » by Tinkering
Harry Potter feels he has completed his magical training and expresses a wish to his mentor to delve into the Dark Arts.However on his first attempt to prove himself something goes horribly wrong.Betrayed by all he trusts,Harry finds himself with the enem
 Lettered » by Dysperdis
It all starts with a simple letter... Rated for later chapters Slash! HPTR HPLV! NonHBP Compliant! Complete
 Silent Tears » by Hell's Ice Heaven's Fire
Harry Potter has had a shit life, and has been deceiving everyone. Is the world ready for him when he stops pretending? HPLV LMSS NLDM SFDT Demons, torture, sex, apocalypse, and some awsome characters await you. You've never read anything like this.
The Dark Lord Gives, and Takes Away » by ModernTroubadour
There has always been a connection between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. As the latter seeks to further that bond by bringing Harry to him, storms rise all around them, though both remain unaware. HPLV slash.
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Lord V » by cheryl bites
Nuclear war breaks out and Voldemort casts a spell to stop time. He and Harry alone are left to defuse the missiles and prevent the war. Voldemort’s radiophobic. Oh joy. LVHP. Spoilers for HBP, none for DH.